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Old cars found in Mendoza Argentina | by artdealer_ar
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Old cars found in Mendoza Argentina

There’s no need of being a millionaire to enjoy life’s greatest luxuries and pleasures.


Indeed, some times, the key to wonderful and amazing activities is in many ways too elitist… Not any more. Art Dealer is working on a complete sophisticated luxury leisure plan accessible to anyone and everyone… the only special requirement is to have a great passion for life’s true pleasures, from food and drinks, to amazing landscapes and one of a kind journeys, from fashion and body care to antiques, collectibles and design in items, objects and vehicles…


We already presented some of our exclusive non elitist yet sophisticated and personalized options for the Art lover and culture passionate visiting Buenos Aires thru means of our customized tour option, now we want to share with you all our option for the magnificent outskirts districts and gorgeous provinces all over the Republic thru our rally club shared time.


As we mentioned previously, Argentina has developed in the last couple of decades intensely within the world of rallies, the number of races has grown to a broad monthly option throughout the whole country; and the quality of the rallies has increased greatly in terms of International rename and visitors, as well as touring. This is a great and different approach to a wonderful landscape -both for locals and visitors- who while riding a true gem of mechanics enjoy some of the world’s greatest natural creations.


Participating in these rallies is not complicated whatsoever, but in many cases the long distances and high transport expenses make of this fantastic experience a complicated task.


Art Dealer is working on the idea of buying all a Classic car, a Sports car, a vintage classic 4WD from IKA, Argentine Kaiser Industries, as well as a modern 4WD, for its rally car shared time club. Proceeding in the same way one does when acquiring a real estate property, our members will be entitled to the use of each of these vehicles thru a determined period during the year.


Owning one of these marvelous vehicles at home, keeping it in perfect tune, and traveling around the world with it to take part in rallies, is very expensive and sometimes a luxury hard to keep up with. But owning it within a club society makes the process much easier, fun and affordable.




An other thing to take care of by most classic and sports car lovers is that not always the rest of the family takes the same pleasure in riding and rallying as they do; all and all, they don’t wish to embark in such wonderful adventure without their lovely presence.


Once again, we have taken into account this factor and worked out a complementary alternative.




Let’s see this in a specific case. Say, for example, that you wish to take part in the Wineries rally that takes place in Mendoza, Argentina during the first days of March, but your girlfriend (or boyfriend) does not enjoy rallies as much as you do… We provide a custom made spa body and soul option, wineries and vineyard tour, shopping tour in BA, cultural tour through the unveiled treasures of our country for the lapse of time the rally takes place. After the event, you can reunite in a one of a kind “Life’s true pleasures” tour. A top notch gourmet experience, great food and great wine to match a great moment in life…




So, after reading the above lines you might have realized that not only the dream like vacation is just a step away; but that you can enjoy it with the person you care about the most, without neither of you neglecting nor your passions, nor your likes.


Herewith is the list of this year’s rallies in the Argentine Republic and our brother Uruguay Republic. Take into consideration that due to the amazing development within this field, the sure-most thing is that next year the option will be even broader.




FIVA Rally 2004 – March In the End of the World an A category FIVA rally, from El Calafate to Ushuaia.






Argentine Classic Fiat Cars

I Rally of the ghosts "Night Rally in the Northern grater Buenos Aires"


February 25th




Wineries RALLY


Classic and Sports car Club of Mendoza




March 10 -12 th 2005




Sport & Classic Car Punta del Este

Midnight Rally


March 19th




Argentine Asociation of Sports cars- Asociación Argentina Automóviles Sport

Prix “Alberto Gomez” Speed and Endurance


March 24th




Cordoba Classic Car Asociation- Asociación Cordobesa Autos Antiguos

Villa Carlos Paz.


XXI Rally to the Herat of Argentina


April 8, 9 and 10th




Friends of the Ford A Club -Club Amigos del Ford A

Primer Auto jumble 2005


April 16th




BMW Club Argentina

Rally to The Flowers - Las Flores


April 16th




Antique Automobile Club - Club Amigos de Automóviles Antiguos

Rally Anual (CADEAA).


May 13 – 15th




Two Oceans "Dos Océanos" Challenge


May 1, 2, 3 2003-2004




Sport & Classic Car Punta del Este

Rally Anual to Colonia del Sacramento


May 28 - 29 th




Alfa Romeo Argentine Club

Rally of the North


June 4th






Asociation of Standard Historical Tourism Racers- Asociación Corredores de Turismo Estándar Histórico

IXº Vuelta de Lobos


June 4th




Rosario Historical Automobile Club- Club Automóviles Históricos de Rosario

100 Miles


June 10 – 12th





Grand Prix Mountain, Historical TC in La Cumbre, Cordoba


June 10 -11 th




Clasic Fiat of Argentina Club- Club Fiat Clásicos de Argentina

4th Fiat Peugeot challenge. Endurance and driving ability skills.


June 11th




Friends of the Ford A Club- Club Amigos del Ford A

Vintage Auto challenge Bs. As.


June 12th




Argentine Association of Sports Automobiles- Asociación Argentina Automóviles Sport



July 2nd




Sport & Classic Car Punta del Este


“Integration” Rally Punta del Este - Chuy.


July 9 – 10th




Argentine Automobile Club- ACA

Historical Grand Prix


September 3 -11th




Mercedez Benz Club

4th Rally, Pergamino.


September 23, 24, 25th




Club 5C

21st Rally of the Lakes and 500 km in the hills - Villa Gral. Belgrano. Cordoba


September 23 – 24th




Clasic Car Pergamieno- Autoclásica Pergamino

Annual Rally.


September 23- 24th






Sports Automobile Club and Argentine Asociation of Sport Automobile -CAS y Asociación Argentina Automóviles Sport

Pirx Friendship “Premio Amistad” – Speed


September 24 - 25




CAS Sports automobile Club

1000 Miles Sport of the Argentine Republic


October, 28-30th




Antique and Classic Automobile Club of Entre Rios- Club de Automóviles Antiguos y Clásicos de Entre Ríos

"100 Miles -Historical" – Paraná


November 5th




Sport Automobile Club-Club Automóviles Sport

1000 Miles.


November 24-26th




Antique Automobile Club of Mar del Plata- Club de Automóviles Antiguos de Mar del Plata


Mar del Plata Rally


December 8-10th






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