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If collecting is the hobby par-excellence of the 20th century, the passion for cars is the passion par-excellence of the century of the industry and the technology. And the blend of both of them is just mind blowing. Putting together such great passions into a greater world is exiting and amazing. This merge takes place all over the world and it can be witnessed in privileged reunions such as Classic and Sports rallies. When these events take place, passionate owners, patient restorers who work on these beauties as neurosurgeons do on people’s brains, who care for them as if they were newly born children made out of crystal, unveil the mystery of their passion while presenting their Classic in society. The full smile that populates the most of their face is a true indication of how much do these women and men love their classics and sports and in how many ways these are a mechanical reflection of their passion and personality.


People of all social standards, ideologies and styles find no impediment whatsoever to gather together in car clubs and share the only thing they have in common, their passion for cars. Most of the clubs are members only, to which you have to apply in order to get in. Usually the basic requirement is to own a licensed car matching the club’s theme. In some cases, the rules are stricter, and one can frequently read in forums or www sites complains about the restrictions, and elitist way to decide upon membership.


So if we look at the car lovers’ community carefully we’ll realize that love is not all you need in the world of vintage cars… Sometimes, what you need is a little help of your friends!


Even more, the issue of matter gets complicated if your passion for these wonderful antique machines is not sustained by an actual car, and an actual participation of these events as a main character and not just a mere spectator drooling upon other’s vehicles, day dreaming about the chance of owning one yourself and driving it in the endless list of rallies that take place all over the world in exotic paradise like locations, from Ushuaia-Argentina, to the ancient roads of Tunisia.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have the opportunity of a lifetime aboard one of those wonderful classic and sports vehicle, even if we don’t have the money or the time to take care –they way it’s needed- of one of those gem mechanical beauties?


Plus, just having a classic or sports car isn’t enough to tour the world aboard one, for there’s a lot of work, time and paperwork involved in the transportation of the vehicle to the rally location.


But if all, world wide sports and classic cars fans got together in a world wide rally car this would be millions’ dream come true.


All and all, it’s just an idea, I dream of frequently….





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Taken on September 29, 2006