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What to do when your wigs arrive! | by ✄Frappzilla
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What to do when your wigs arrive!

So I've been wanting to write this up for a while now. Infact, I will be doing videos to go along with these tips but, for the moment, since my schedule is pretty hectic as of late, I will type it up and hope that my less-than-coherent descriptions will help you navigate the exciting realm of soy wig styling.


First things first. I do try to warn buyers that wigs can look like dishevelled squirrels upon receiving them. There is no clue what these little packages go through on their journeys to you.


Please remember to never use water or human hair products on soy wigs.


To start off, get the wig on your doll. It will still probably look like an animal is nesting in it, but bear with me! Sometimes a bit of putty is needed to keep it in place when brushing and sometimes, if the parcel has been through some pretty heated conditions, the wig-cap might need to reshape to your dolls head a little bit.


Take a fine-toothed comb. We were originally using a pet flea comb, which works really nicely but as it is metal, you need to be very careful using it against your dolls face up. We're now using regular plastic combs with the teeth very close together. Slowly comb through the fibres. There shouldn't be any knots but it will help to get the fibres going in the right direction. Once combed, you might have a few little kinks and wiggly bits here and there. The best thing to do with these is to rub them between your fingers. It will help fluff up any compressions in the fibre. Then you can just leave the wig on your doll for a couple of days. The natural weight will help drop any last distortions.


Remember to brush occasionally. Soy is like a pampered pet. It loves to be brushed and gets silkier and shinier the more you do so. If for some reason you do have a persistent kink that won't go away, you can use a hair straightener on it. Just try not to get too close to the root so as not to dislodge any glue.


Your wig should be looking pretty good by now but here are a couple of answers to some worries from customers in the past.


"Help, the wig won't stay on!!"


Providing that you ordered the correct size and gave us accurate measurements, it can be fixed!


We make our wigs on an oval cap. This means that they do not extend down the back of head. This is because the bulgy bit going towards the neck, differs so much between doll to doll. So, to make sure that our wigs can fit a universal range of sizes, we make them shorter than the norm. A bit of putty above the ears should keep it right in place! This also means that you can pull it forward or push it back depending on your styling tastes.


"I gave you the correct measurement but it still won't fit! Its too small!"


There is a chance that the wig could have been in some pretty intense temperatures during it's travels. Although this only happened to us during winter months, It can still be fixed. Gently (AND I REALLY MEAN GENTLY!) warm up the inside of the wig with a hairdryer on the lowest setting. This should make the wig cap a little more pliable and you'll be able to shape it better to your dolls head.


"I can see the wig cap!"

Not to worry, we got this! There are a few things we can do if you find yourself in this position. First of all, the fibre probably still needs a little time to settle. Combing it will help. If after a few days you are still having some problems, you can try styling the hair in the right position and secure it with cling film overnight. It probably just needs a little bit of weight on it to make it stay close to the head.


Alternatively, sometimes it could be that you have the wig on incorrectly. Try twisting it slightly so that the part is on a slight angle. Normally that will solve the issue. You can also try putting the parting on the other side of the head.


And worst-case scenario you can take a tiny section of hair from the front and bring it over to the other side. You shouldn't NEED to do this, but if you're having cap issues because of the shipping, this will at least eliminate the problem while the fibre has time to chillax a bit.



How to curl;

Grab some mini claw clips and some pens. Starting from the bottom, roll the hair around the pen, upwards towards the scalp. Secure with mini clips overnight. Do not use water or product.


How to wave;

You can get a nice beachy wave by braiding small sections of hair. You don't need to add product, definitely don't add water and you don't even need to tie the ends with a band. Just leave overnight and undo in the morning.


I hope this helps but please do message me if you have any other problems. I am always happy to lend more tips!




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Uploaded on May 12, 2016