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Green Wonders, Take 2

I had to delete the mosaic I posted earlier, because one of the pictures I used was marked private by its owner. He was very upset about it, and I am really sorry.

But to me, flickr is about sharing and telling stories and beeing creative in community and friendship.

I make my mosaics simply by chosing my faves by color. As soon as I have 6x6 of them, I make a screenshot and frame it with Micrografix picture publisher. The list below, however, is generated with Mosaic Maker.


1. grapes by Avid Maxfan, 2. Mossy steps by Dawn Grobe, 3. zinnia by space hog, 4. Pour Gérard by JaHoVil, 5. Hayfever by MacMurphy, 6. Leaf Life by jeffclow, 7. snail by gulley, 8. Poplar leaf miner by aroid, 9. Kina - Up Close and Personal by essjay nz, 10. zinnia by maody, 11. zucchini 2" by nonie vogue, 12. Tracks on a meadow by Linda6769, 13. hypnotized by Guido Oliver, 14. (Untitled) by Kudobe, 15. Green Beans by libraryman, 16. Grapes by Rune T, 17. Staring contest: Spider by Rainmountain, 18. Birth of Life by Rainmountain, 19. IMG_4046 by mrsmeep, 20. on a green bridge by Rosina, 21. Artie by deb5376, 22. Morgentau by multiflora, 23. bee on sweet potato vine by this is emily, 24. Field by Jenny!, 25. Libelle / Dragonfly by Night owl1, 26. Sweet Basil - So Green by VirgoMerry, 27. (Untitled) by _tess_, 28. Drip by Tenor! Man., 29. rice by zargag, 30. Green Umbrella by Lotus by Captain's, 31. hairy leaves by on*, 32. Spätsommer! ;)) by filzchen, 33. emergence2 by Culinarynovice, 34. 5077 backlit leaves by arthurcoddington, 35. Heute war Marienkäfertag! by Dimilinchen, 36. Green by *Zig*

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Uploaded on August 21, 2005