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Mexican Droste Videoclip

This is one of the frames used in a videoclip I did in Mexico for a bad Called "No Somos Machos Pero Somos Muchos" (NSM PSM). The name of the song is "Clap your brains off".

This is my first video as a Director, and it was a very low budget videoclip, made possible with the help and favours from many many many friends...


It was shot entirely with a Digital Reflex Camera, Canon's Mark III, which can capture up to 115 coninuous pictures at 10 fps.

The visual effects were all done in my computer thanks to a friend of mine, José Manuel Silva, who helped me automate and batch the whole process.


Inspired from Seb's pictures and made possible by Pisco Bandito / Josh Sommers tutorials, It was made with the Droste Effect Technique. A formula used in some of Eschers work.


Please watch it, it was an almost 5 months process from having the idea to getting it released.


I'll upload pretty soon the making of, cause there are plenty of things that happened through all of it.


That's the main reason why I didn't post any other pictures on flickr... I was taking thousands and thousands at a time...

Please comment if you like it....

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Taken on September 8, 2008