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The Gelato Guy (167)

My buddy Luca Di Martino is widely known simply as "The Gelato Guy." I think he chafes at being pigeonholed as such, but we all have our roles to fill. After an ill-conceived and ultimately abortive effort at midnight bocce I realized that I had left my camera a Luca's apartment last night. After he roused himself this morning I went around to fetch it and caught him having his espresso with some crostini topped with ricotta cheese and honey. Perhaps we all like to consider ourselves to be more than the labels the world sees fit to place on us, but if Luca is not simply "The Gelato Guy" then he most certainly is "The Italian Guy." Crostini and espresso with a San Peligrino back will get you stereotyped in a quick minute. We all have our mantels to wear. I've been "The Red Star Guy" for over a decade now, but if the demitasse cup fits, we might as well sip from it.


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Uploaded on June 17, 2011