How many public photos are uploaded to Flickr every day, month, year? / Combien de photos publiques sont téléchargées sur Flickr chaque jour, mois, année ?

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    Along with this set of statistics about explored photos, here is another question I’ve been wondering for some time, although I could not find any data provided by Flickr, at least not on the 3 first result pages of Google. Anyway, the Flickr API is our friend, we just have to ask! ;-)

    The data reported hereafter regards PUBLIC PHOTOS ONLY, that is no private photo and no other type of material like videos. A few requests show that a vast majority of the uploaded material happens to be “public photo” anyway.

    The above figure shows the monthly number of uploads since Flickr started in 2004 until December 2013. Overall, this sums up to 3.57 billion of photos, although Flickr has announced they reached 6 billion in August 2011… Either the Flickr API does not report all data ever, or the number of private photos and other material (presentations, videos) is as high as public photos but a few tests don't let assume that, or they are a bit optimistic ;-). Also it is to be noted that the search function of the Flickr API returns quite versatile data: the same query done at different times will return different figures... no explanation given on this issue.


    - 586 million (585,789,736),
    - 48.8 million per month in average,
    - 1.6 million per day in average.

    - 518 million (517,863,947),
    - 43 million per month in average,
    - 1.42 million per day in average.

    - 560 million (560,228,008),
    - 46 million per month in average,
    - 1.54 million per day in average.

    Straight observation: in 2012, the number of uploads decreased by 7.5% compared to 2011. But although the first half of 2013 seemed to confirm this trend, June and July were exceptional. June even reached the highest monthly peak ever with 62,464,124 photos uploaded.

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    1. Ken Nexus 17 months ago | reply

      Great, Flickr is really famous photo sharing site.

    2. Scarlet Pimpernel 17 months ago | reply

      - Have you got any updates ?

    3. Franck_Michel 17 months ago | reply

      I keep acquiring data every, I'll probably update this post beginning of 2013. Stay tuned!

    4. Franck_Michel 16 months ago | reply

      Hi all,
      Just updated the charts until December 2012.

    5. Naida Fabi 16 months ago | reply

      Thanks for your work! I had a feeling that flickr was on a decline.

    6. Brendahawk 11 months ago | reply

      I would love to see this updated since Flickr just did a major overhaul of their site. Personally I like the new Flickr, but It looks like I am in the minority, or is it that the unhappy users are more vocal??

    7. itsmaleeg 9 months ago | reply

      where is for 2013?

    8. Franck_Michel 9 months ago | reply

      Just updated the charts until July 2013.

    9. SweetBailey 8 months ago | reply

      you answered my question. interesting. thanks.

    10. Terry Aldhizer 8 months ago | reply

      Just what I was looking for Thank you!

    11. goldengirl 2011 8 months ago | reply

      Thank you for posting this info. I found what I was looking for.

    12. Spangles44 Blinkagain dont like fllickr 5 months ago | reply

      Since the upgrade, do you have new statistics?

    13. Silvio Tanaka 5 months ago | reply

      I have more than 10,500 photos on my account but only 3,000 are public :)

    14. Franck_Michel 4 months ago | reply

      Thx for sharing this.
      Like I wrote, a "vast majority" of the photos are public, which means not all. You are probably an exception in this regard.

    15. Franck_Michel 3 months ago | reply

      Hi all. First of all, I wish you all a happy year of photography! :)
      If you are interested in follow up, I just updated the charts until December 2013.
      Cheers, F.

    16. Naida Fabi 3 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the update! Happy New Year to you, too!

    17. Kate Green Photography 3 months ago | reply

      By public, do you mean in The Commons?

    18. davekpcv 6 weeks ago | reply

      great info, thanks.

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