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The central nave of the Catherdral “Sagrada Familia”, the master piece designed

by the ingenious Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi, who worked on the project from

1883 & devoted the last fifteen years of his life entirely to the endeavour. The Cathedral

is under construction since 1882 & is not expected to be complete until 100 years after

Gaudis death in 2026.

After Gaudí's death in 1926, work continued under the direction of Domènech Sugranyes until interrupted by the Spanish Civil War in 1936. Parts of the unfinished basilica, Gaudí's models & workshop were destroyed during the war by Catalan anarchists.

The Church will have three grand façades;

The “Passion Façade” to the West is particularly striking for its spare, gaunt, tormented characters, as well as emaciated figures of Christ being flogged & on the crucifix. These controversial designs are the work of Josep Maria Subirachs.

the “Nativity Façade” to the East, constructed between 1894 & 1930, it was the first façade to be completed, the façade was built before work was interrupted in 1935 & bears the most direct Gaudí influence. Four towers completing the façade & are each dedicated to a Saint, Matthias the Apostle, Saint Barnabas, Jude the Apostle & Simon the Zealot.

The “Glory Façade”, which began construction in 2002, will be the largest and most monumental of the three & will represent one’s ascension to God, it will also portray a range of scenes such as Hell, Purgatory & will include elements such as the Seven Deadly Sins & the Seven Heavenly Virtues.


Antoni Plàcid Guillem Gaudí i Cornet, better known as Antonio Gaudí, 1852 –1926†, an ingenious Catalan architect, his work period became famous for his unique & highly individualistic designs regarded as beyond the scope of modernism.

His exposure to nature at an early age, which is thought to have inspired him to incorporate natural shapes & themes into his later work seen in his designs & mosaics.

June, 7. 1926 Gaudí was stroked by a tram, because of his worn out attire, empty pockets & no identification papers, cab drivers refused to pick him up out of fear that he would be unable to pay the taxi fare. Eventually he was taken to a paupers' hospital in Barcelona where nobody recognized the injured architect, until his friends found him the next day. When they tried to move him into a better hospital, Gaudí refused, apparently saying "I belong here among the poor." He died three days later at age 73, with half of Barcelona mourning his death. He was buried in the midst of “La Sagrada Família”


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