ZX Evolution
ZX Evolution (also known as PentEvo) — Russian Sinclair-compatible clone with VGA, PS/2 keyboard and mouse. Based on original & genuine CPU Z80, AY music chip and КР1818ВГ93 FDD chip.

Z80 3.5 MHz (classic mode) / 7 MHz (turbo mode without CPU wait circles) / 14 MHz (mega turbo with CPU wait circles);
4 Mb RAM, 512Kb ROM;
MiniITX board (172x170mm), 2 ZXBUS slots, power ATX or +5,+12V;
Based on fpga (Altera EP1K50);
Peripheral MCU ATMEGA128;
PS/2 keyboard and mouse support;
Floppy (WDC1793) Beta-disk compatible interface, IDE (one channel, up to 2 devices on master/slave mode), SD(HC) card, RS232;
Video out: RGB, VGA (scandoubler);
Sound: AY, Beeper, Covox (PWM);
Original keyboard and joystick support;
Tape interface (in/out);
Real-time clock.

Technical description:

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