Big Kmart - Carroll, Iowa
Here it is, favorite Kmart of all! I have been visiting the Kmart in Carroll ever since birth...and yes my first word was Kmart, and it was thanks to this store. Kmart has been in Carroll since the 1970s and is the smallest city (10,000) in Iowa to house both a Wal-Mart and a Kmart. Generally in cities this small Wal-Mart tends to shutter Kmart's doors...but not Carroll!

This Kmart has advantages. For starters, they built a new store just about the time Wal-Mart built their store in 1992. Kmart used to be at the top of the hill at the intersection of US HWYs 71 and 30 (where Wittrock Motors is now), but moved down the road and now is one of two anchors of the CitiCentre plaza. Until Wal-Mart opened their Supercenter in 2008, the Kmart here in Carroll had a larger building than Wal-Mart at 90,000 square feet (Wal-Mart was 72,000). And now that Wal-Mart has built their store just barely outside the city limits on the western edge of Carroll, Kmart remains in the CitiCentre in the center of Carroll alongside Hy-Vee Food Store, Happy Buffet, Payless ShoeSource, GNC, GreatClips, and Check Into Cash. Another advantage is that their pharmacy is open until 9 on weekdays...later than both Wal-Mart, Walgreens (amazingly), Hy-Vee, or just about any pharmacy in town. And the most important advantage is that this Kmart is located in the middle of town, so it's exposure rate is very high (unlike Wal-Mart, which is now located on the Western edge of town).

I am glad this Kmart is still here. I have a big feeling that it will stay in Carroll for many many years to come. There isn't another Kmart for at least 65 miles (Ames, Cherokee, Webster City), and despite Wal-Mart's appearance in town, this Kmart makes money. I believe this is true, otherwise it would have closed.

Western Iowa is rare for Kmart these days...comparable cities like Storm Lake, Atlantic and Spencer don't have competitors such as Kmart...they strictly have Wal-Mart. But at least Carroll has Kmart...and a lot of people take it for granted, but I don't!

Sorry for the is what this Kmart has to offer:

11 REGISTERS (there used to be 12 but was taken out for the 1-Hr. Photo...which was also taken out...Books & Magazines replaced that area)
PORTRAIT STUDIO (the only Kmart in Iowa to have a Portrait Studio...don't let the store locator fool you...the Des Moines Kmarts do NOT have portrait studios anymore...)


I have received information that this Kmart will be receiving some much needed upgrades (which is weird, because stores much older than this one need them more) such as the following:

Replacement tables and chairs for the Little Caesar's Pizza Station
New Paint Job for the store (as of right now, they've repainted the electronics wall)
Renovation of both Little Caesar's and Layaway restrooms (they are doing the Little Caesar's restrooms as I type this).
Various new counters throughout the store
Roof work
New logo on their storefront
Removal of register five's counter to make way for wider register aisles

You will definitely see pictures of these upgrades, and I am so happy they have decided to improve this Kmart! We are very lucky to have this store, and for it to be making enough money to earn these renovations (especially when it's competing with a mid-sized Wal-Mart Supercenter!)

So enjoy the tour, and leave comments! I value your feedback!!!

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