"Monday Night is Craft Night"

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    24x36" oil on canvas

    $1000.00 (framed with a black shadowbox frame)

    1. selenevomer ages ago | reply

      This is really impressive. I'm a printmaker, not a painter, so I'm always doubly impressed when people can paint graphics well. People have **no idea** how difficult that is to do.

      Congrats on the poster contest and show in SF.

    2. Alice Stribling ages ago | reply

      Thanks selenevomer! If you are referring to the bottle as the graphic, yes it was challenging. Hand lettering type is hard!

    3. selenevomer ages ago | reply

      Yeah, I was talking about the wine label. I've seen a lot of oils or watercolors where artists try to incorporate graphics and the whole thing falls apart and spoils the illusion. I think it's a case of not trying to make it too "perfect" and clashing with the style of brushwork of the subject, if the subject is painted looser or more stylized. But it can't be too "impressionist" and sloppy either, if you know what I mean! ;-)

      (My mom is a realist watercolor artist, so I see her sweating over details like this all the time.)

    4. Alice Stribling ages ago | reply

      I do know what you mean, these choices can make or break a painting! When you have a lot of time invested in something it gets harder and harder to make choices out of fear of messing it up. Watercolors are WAY more difficult because you can't paint over something like you can with oils. Kudos to your mom.

      Here's an interesting note about the bottle label...if you ever look at bottle of Fernet, the background is made up of thousands of tiny little orange 'Fernet Branca' logos. I wasn't about to sweat these details...so I just had fun with it and painted the loose orange and white brushstrokes.

      The eagle part of the label, however, is pretty realistic. But this part of the real label is already 'painterly' and fun to do. Actually the whole thing was fun and really challenging. If I were take a guess the whole painting took me about 40 or more hours...?

      It's 24x36" so that's a lot of area to cover.

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