PL❤NTS Exhibition 2020
An immersive exhibition of over 150 artworks, inspired by the love of plants in the green heart of the city, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Plants give us life. They make our air, our food, our clothes and our homes. Without them life would cease to exist. The Royal Botanic Garden is a living collection of thousands of plants in Sydney's CBD. This oasis is the city's lungs, the green heart of Sydney and Australia's oldest scientific institution.

PL❤️NTS is a brand new exhibition in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, brought to you by Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens. For this exhibition, we are shining a spotlight on the incredible diversity of plants living here and around the world. And we're also telling the story of their friends: the many pollinators that disperse seeds and keep the Gardens humming.

Lion Gate Lodge will host an array of artworks, including paintings, drawings, printmaking, photography and sculptures, inspired by plants in all their glory. There will be a unique and exciting installation within the garden of Lion Gate Lodge by the Melbourne collective Skunk Control, a group of scientists, engineers and artists.

All items in the exhibition are for sale with proceeds going to the artists and to assisting Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens to continue supporting horticulture, conservation, scientific research and educations programs within your Botanic Gardens.

Artists featured in the exhibition include: David Aldous, Tamara Armstrong, Pilar Basa, Andrew Bennett, Megumi Bennett, Matt Bisaro, Laura Blythman, Leanne Booth, Janine Combes, Andrew Dennis, Samantha Dennis, Michelle Fogden, Ariella Friend, Jenny Fusca, Emma Gale, Carla Gottgens, Neha Gupte, Julie Hickson, Vianney Hunter from Hunter Candles, Alison Jackson, Clayton John, Valerie Khoo, Dana Kinter, Michaela Laurie, Antony Makhlouf, Anne Marie Graham, Jason McDonald, Christina McLean from Trade the Mark, Jason Moad, Julie Nash, Trudy Rice, Deidre Roberts, Julia Roberts, Daniel Shipp, Judith Sinnamon, Bruce Slorach, Andrea Smith, Sophia Szilagyi, Stef Tarasov, Patricia Van Lubeck, Nat Ward, Deidhre Wauchop, Flora Waycott, Simon Welsh, Ali Wood, Nicola Woodcock, Lucila Zentner and Skunk Control.

Open: Saturday 21 March - Sunday 5 April.
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