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Singa - puppy or monkey?

No, she isn't dead!! She is sleeping......


The story behind this pic is quite funny. Things went very odd with this litter, Rosa (mum) had a Caesarean, there was only one puppy, Singa, and she got sick on her second day and was very close to dying so we had to stay up with her and handfeed her every 15 minutes for the next ten days. Rosa got an infection in some of her teats so we had to keep milking out all bad milk in four of them every hour and when Singa got better we had to check her so she did not suck on any of the 'bad' teats and get sick again. That part is funny now since everything got sorted.


So why is Singa sleeping like that? Rosa was confused after the sedation and did not want to sleep in the whelping box and with only one pup we let her stay in our bed in the beginning.... and later on too ;). Singa was a real crawler and if we left her on her own she would disappear in the big bed. She went in under - or in between - pillows, mattress, sheets, blankets, name it. This was scary since we could trample her or she could choke somewhere in the mess.

Since she was not staying with her mum any way, we put her in a box - this is an old cage for laboratory-mice ;), later on we bought a new big green one. She hated it and tried to crawl out, we stopped her and when finally exhausted she used to fall asleep in the most weird positions - this is one of the worst. We put some bedding in the box (folded wet-bed) but it wasn't as nice as the bed. She continued like this until she was so big and fat that the problem with her crawling around solved itself just by her size. Yes, she's still a crawler ;)


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Taken in May 2005