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A LUIZA ( il carciofo è anche un fuoco d'artificio -  the artichoke is also a firework) | by mario dsn 45
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A LUIZA ( il carciofo è anche un fuoco d'artificio - the artichoke is also a firework)



973 - Bamberga, Germania, 13 luglio 1024

Duca di Baviera, fu coronato imperatore nel 1014 da Benedetto VIII. Insieme con la sposa santa Cunegonda ispirò la sua vita ad un alto modello di religiosità e integrità di costumi. Regnò, sollecito del benessere del suo popolo, attento sempre a promuoverne l'elevazione umana e cristiana. Dietro sua insistenza il papa Benedetto VIII prescrisse il Credo nella Messa delle domeniche e delle feste principali.




CHANTAL Janzen - papa



Noi papà eleggiamo Luisa a nostra figlioccia.

We dad, Luiza choose, our god-daughter




My name is MARIA LUIZA, but I prefer LUIZA.


My mom put this name because my father's name is Luis and Maria is my father's mother , my grandmother that I never met.


I know my father, but I never lived with him, only with my mom.

My father didn't want me. He rejected me.

Now when I go to Brazil sometimes I meet my father and he's very proud of me, even though he never helped me in my education or anything. Before I used to hate my father because that, but know I accpet him. He's old now and I forgive him.


My mom is an angel, she always said good things about my father.


My father has two childern, a boy and a girl, but I never met them.

One day I called my father form here , California, and my half brother answered, so I said, I'm your sister. He was so rude to me my friends. I told him, the only thing that I wanted from my father it was his LOVE, that I never had, don't worry that I don't want any money. It was his concern.


It's ok, it's the life.




La foto

La mia compatta Canon e un barattolo di COca-Cola


My camera and CocaCola !!!!

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Taken on July 11, 2011