Snow Leopard - Rarity Unveiled (Only in Pakistan)



Location (Unknown) - Pakistan

Photography by: Waleed Irfan


BBC Official Documentary on Snow Leopard (One and only film on the Snow Leopard)


In 2004, a team from the Planet Earth series captured the first ever film of a wild snow leopard in the mountains of Pakistan. For Nisar Malik, who led the expedition, these images sparked a passion that compelled him to return. With cameraman Mark Smith, he spent two years documenting the snow leopard’s daily life, finally lifting the veil on the most elusive of all cats.


Hidden away in a cave in the mountains of Pakistan – one of the last refuges of the snow leopard – the most rare and most beautiful of all big cats. Journalist Nisar Malik trying to help protect this endangered cat… The film takes the viewer into a mysterious, uncharted part of the world.



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Taken on April 1, 2012