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    Traders opened its doors some months ago in Wakayama City, thus becoming the first and only real Mexican food restaurant in the Kii Peninsula.

    It is managed by this awesome guy called Emon Tokai (he's got a cool name too).

    This is one of the few places where you can get tasty Mexican food in Japan and of the few joints I endorse as real Mexican food in Japan!
    (the supreme authority is conferred upon me since I am Mexican)

    I was going to take pictures of the actual food but I was so hungry that I forgot!
    But you still get to see a picture of the Bohemia I had while my food was in the works
    (btw. Bohemia is another rarity in Japan and yes, it is way better than Corona - believe it or not!)

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    1. curious_spider 97 months ago | reply

      Love that puzzle piece coaster.

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    2. cjw333 97 months ago | reply

      Nice find. I'm impressed that they had Bohemia and not just Corona.
      Have you found any place with Dos XXs yet?
      I think "Mexican Beers in Japan" would make a nice set.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    3. PacoAlcantara 97 months ago | reply

      Spider: yeah, it's a very original beer accessory, the owner should give you one of those with every beer you order, and once you collect them all you get... another beer! :)

      cjw333: good point! yeah, I didn't notice that little by little my Mexicana folder was being overflowed with beers!
      hmmm... also... since photos are a reflection of a person's mind then... you get the point... (--;)

    4. vonKinder 97 months ago | reply

      solo porque no se nota que el bar es japones.... si no impresionaria mas. que bueno que puedas encontrar productos tan queridos como la chela bohemia por alla =)

    5. alcantara1104 97 months ago | reply

      Muy buena foto, que bueno que no falten artículos de primera necesidad como la Bohemia por allá.

    6. jvcluis 97 months ago | reply

      pense que se llamaba wakamaya, que bueno que encuentres delicias mexicanas por alla

    7. PacoAlcantara 97 months ago | reply

      von Kinder: hehehe, ahora que lo mencionas, sí. En otros países se esfuerzas porque todo parezca japonés o tenga un toque Oriental, y aquí se esfuerzan porque todo tenga un toque Occidental. Esta es la primera vez que veo una Bohemia aquí donde vivo. Que bueno que ya se está globalizando esta ciudad.

      alcantara1104: hehehe! y las fotos para cuándo?

      jvcluis: hahaha! es lo que siempre me dice la gente del Norte!
      Guacamaya es la salsa picante del Norte, no?
      Allá en el Centro, en Puebla, usamos la salsa Valentina, que la encuentras en todos lados.

    8. jvcluis 97 months ago | reply

      no mi Paco, yo creo que te refieres al "pico de gallo" que es una salsa muy mexicana y las guacamayas son tortas de chicharrón con pico de gallo es una tradición de nuestro León Gto

    9. Lord Cuauhtli 97 months ago | reply

      ja ja ja, Bohemia en Japón!!! genial!

    10. myrmardan 95 months ago | reply

      You're right. Bohemia is much better than most Mexican beer and only slightly more expensive than those beers.
      But you gotta be careful, because it's a strong beer and I only have it wtih my meals, not when I gather with my friends and drink more than three beers.
      By the way, I drank a couple of them with my lunch last sunday.

      I found Bohemia, XXX Lager, Tecate and Sol in a salsa dancing club in Tokyo. Ufortunately I have no pics of them, just video.

      About Mexican food in Japan, I only had one chance to go to Jerry's UNO Tacos in Nagoya.
      Tacos were a Japanese version of the American version of actual tacos, but a little tasty anyway. The decoration was a mix of a modern video bar and an American cafeteria of the 50's.
      Well, drinking Mexican beer made me forget about everything else.

      Greetings from Monterrey

    11. 顔なし 94 months ago | reply

      this is all well and good but... directions to get to traders?

    12. PacoAlcantara 94 months ago | reply

      you're right!

      ok try this:

    13. myrmardan 92 months ago | reply

      I was looking for this pic among my favorites and when I could't find it, I realized I did't mark it, so I do now.

    14. Jesus Guzman-Moya 67 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Sabor a Mexico, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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