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Well... according to my flickr DNA, today is my 1st flickr birthday


So first of all I would like to give thanks to all of you for all those +17,400 views in my photostream and all the comments and faves that you have kindly given to my photos in the past 365 days.


Thank you so much to all of you for stopping by, even if only once!!! :)


I would also like to remind you that the yin and yang is an undeniable part of our existence as well, and because of that, little and short moments of joy always come with a price... and that is because both of my notebook computers, very strangely and quite incredibly, oddly and utterly bizarrely, decided to commit seppuku on the same day, just hours separating one from the other.


The first one to fall was my DELL... yes the "new" one which I got in June.

Simply put, it managed to slice its own motherboard with the sharp edge of the NVIDIA videocard with such force that it left a gory scenario of the infamous windows "blue screen of death" together with a bloody bath of "get-to-the-safe-mode-now-or-else" screen...


that happened on Monday at 13:00hrs


"Well this is fracking #"`+*%!!!" I thought...


but oooh I was wrong, it was just about to get even better...


At 17:00 hrs, my old computer, the HP, repeated a similar feat... but she was not as bold as her DELL counterpart, oh no, she did it with the grace and swiftness of a battle-hardened piece of mean IT material that she was.

She also sliced straight and deep into her own motherboard with no hesitation and no notice... swooosh!!


and then... nothing... not a sound, not a beep... nada!


In the shock and panic of the following days I learned from the forensic reports of a couple tech shops around here and 4 technicians from DELL (all overruling the possibility of a power surge damage by the way), that both of my computers did actually manage to go straight for their own motherboards, thus leaving aside any hope of resurrection from a standard surgical intervention.


After many hours spent talking with the people at DELL (both online and on the phone) plus $300 USD more for an international warranty, I finally got my "new" DELL pulled by them today and hopefully in one month I will get it back (if the parts arrive quickly from the US and A they say).


The other HP is just too old to go through the process of multiple reincarnations and now has attained a state of immortality and absolute enlightement in the shape of a backup I had in an external hard drive.


Me? I am writing on a borrowed computer :P

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Taken on November 11, 2007