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Mistah Naraen Kongoh

He goes by the nickname: Mr. Agyoh


If Buddha was into hippity-hop then Mr. Agyoh would be one of his two wrath-filled muscular bullet-stoppers... I mean, bodyguards, who also happen to be brothers:


The Kongoh Brothers!


Get close to His Glorious and Enlightened Lordship and expect Mr. Naraen and Mr. Misshaku (the other dude, whose nickname is: Mr. Ungyoh) to take care of you.


First your skull and bones would be obliterated by Mr. Agyoh's massive Vajra mallet (which happens to be a diamond club or a thunderbolt stick).


So yeah, after you've been hit by Mr. Agyoh's mighty thunderbolt stick, he will pass you on (or what remains of you) to his bro, who happens to wield a sword... no need to say anymore, he's just the same size as his brother above.


By now you probably know what happens next: you learn the true meaning of "Impermanence"


Mr. Agyoh and Mr. Ungyoh: best celestial bodyguards ever! the equivalent of Hercules in Buddhist tradition... except that double the fun and double the bling-bling!

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Taken on August 14, 2007