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Roasting Pork Belly

After curing the pork belly for 6 hours in a mixture of salt and sugar, discard any liquid that accumulated in the container. Put the belly in the oven, fat side up and cook for 1 hour at 230C, basting it with the rendered fat at the halfway point, until it's an appetizing golden brown.


Then turn the oven temperature down to 120C and cook for another hour to 1 hour 15 minutes, until the belly is tender. Remove from the oven and the pan/ovendish.

Let it cool a little, when cool enough to handle, wrap the belly in plastic wrap or aluminium fiol and put in the fridge until the pork is thoroughly chilled.


Only when it's cold you can cut it into neat slices. So cut into 1,2 cm x 5 cm thick slices which you heat up in a pan, just before serving it on a steamed lotus bun with some pickled cucumber, spring onion and hoisin sauce like in the photo below:

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Taken on June 27, 2010