Sous-Vide Pork Fillet

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    I still had this piece of pork fillet (250g) in my freezer. Today I vacuum packed it (still frozen) with a lump of butter, some salt and pepper and a small toffee-like-wrapped bundle of cling foil with a few sprigs of thyme, a few needles of rosemary and half a clove or garlic.

    Cooked it for 90 minutes at 65°C in warm water. (Check my blog to see my alternative for a Roner) Then quickly pan fried it just to give it a bit of color. Resting not needed. Add the juices from the vacuum pack to the pan for a little bit of sauce/jus.

    This cut of pork can be very dry. (it's not pork tenderloin, I'm not sure how it's called in english) Today I think it was still a bit on the dry side, but maybe that's because it had been in the freezer for months. I will try this again soon with some nice, fresh pork. This sous-vide cooking is really dead-easy and foolproof.

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