3D insects in-flight 2010 cross-view
This set show the results of the 3D macro in-flight insects. All this pictures are taken with this setup:


The high-speed detector consist of 2 crossed IR lasers at 840 nm They form a small point into the optimal central virtual focuspoint. The diameter into this central focus point is arround 2mm. This small IR light is reflected by an object in focus. A third macro lens, the AF60/2.8D capture this small IR light point and project this point to a photodiode mounted into the backside of the lens. An ATtiny45 AVR controller measure this reflected light every 40 usec( once with the IR laser on, once with the IR laser off to measure the ambient light) and send the informaton to the central MAX II CPLD board.

The 2 camera's D300 and D200 are inline and can be adjusted direction mirrors. This is needed because the AF105/2.8D macro lenses d'nt have a fix lenght. The mirrors can move into the other direction on a slide. On top of this slide there are the 2 mirrors. They can turn a little to adjust for the keystone effect and to center the pictures on the frame. At the bottom on each side the IR lasers are mounted. The IR lasers can turn into X-Y-Z direction and are fine tuned via separate screws.

More technical details are on this set:

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