in flight insects 2009
This set show insects in-flight from 2009.
For 2011 I have a new setup:

For the new results from 2011 see:

All this photos are taken with the older setup version 2009 :

This setup has an extra optical system to look at the insects to see if they are in focus. Once in focus the camera and the flashes are activated. The time to measure if the object is in focus take only 1/25.000 sec.
4 lasers are used into this system. The results are nice pictures always infocus and perfect freeze of the action.

Now the D300 is used as camera. The macrolens is alway the Nikkor AF105/2.8Dmicro.

For the 2010 version the setup works in 3D photography. The 3D results are:

The 3D setup version 2010:
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