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Setup for insects in flight. This setup take pictures of insects inflight. An optical extra lens system is added to look for insects in focus. Only 40 usec are needed to check if there are objects in focus.

This unit works on reflected laserlight. No more leaserbeams are needed, no more long arms to put the receivers on the top of the system. The full distance is now free between camera and insects. The unit works in full dark or even in full bright sun. Sensivity can by adjusted by mean of a simple potmeter. To work in full dark 2 to 4 extra high power leds are added. 2 of this high power leds are UV leds at 405nm. This UV light attrack some insects inflight.

Today the first real live tests are done. This works realy nice. At this time no insects are available considering the winter periode here. Focus distance can by adjusted to every value. The focus range of the detector is very narrow. 1 to 2 mm at a distance of 700 mm form the camera. Objects of 2 mm diameter can by easily detected. Detector works also on full black insects. 4 lasers are used, 2 IR 5 mw lasers at 850 nm and 2 x 10 mw green lasers. The green lasers are only for visual position to the insects.

All electronics are mounted into the frame. One CPLD board is used and 2 boards with an AVR controller. The information from the optical system are fast transmitted from the AVR controller to the CPLD board. An 2x16 character LCD display give the status from the system. value of the batterys, value of the high voltage for the electro magnet at 150V, sensivity of the focus detector, width of the digital filter used, value of the environment light, value of the laser return light and expired time between start camera and moment of the picture.

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Update 2009 jun 06.

Considering my old compur1 shutter is broken I have to renew multiple parts to hold a smaller compur0 version. Multiple fotos show the progres. When finish, il will show the complete unit and the results. The old shutter was very fast (6 msec) I hope this compur0 shutter will do it just as fast like the old version.

Update 2009 jun 07
The compur0 shutter is now ready. The first test give a total shutterlag of 7 msec now. This is only 1 msec longer than the old broken compur1 shutter. Now I've to mount a protection neutral lens before the shutterblades. Afterthat I can start again to take the nice in-flight insects.

I'm realy heapy with this new version, made into a very short time. The only critical part is the magnet. This magnet must be very correct in position to have the short delay time. But now with 7msec I'm heappy. You can see the different pictures of the new compur0 module into this set.

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