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    fotoopa in action to capture insects in-flight.

    This part of the garden contain multiple flowers especially for the insects. More then 100 flowers stay here. This part is divide up into small blocks with alternate paths so i can acces the flowers with the unit. All paths are 60cm wide, the flowers zones are 1.1m wide. I can walk around all the flowers to capture the insects.

    This setup take pictures of insects inflight. An optical extra lens system is added to look for insects in focus. Only 40 usec are needed to check if there are objects in focus.

    This unit works on reflected laserlight. No more leaserbeams are needed, no more long arms to put the receivers on the top of the system. The full distance is now free between camera and insects. The unit works in full dark or even in full bright sun. Sensivity can by adjusted by mean of a simple potmeter. To work in full dark 2 to 4 extra high power leds are added. 2 of this high power leds are UV leds at 405nm. This UV light attrack some insects inflight.

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    1. spacepleb 59 months ago | reply

      Incredible! I've been looking forward to seeing your set up. Fantastic :)

    2. treeee 59 months ago | reply

      this is amazing. hello awe.

    3. kumi kuhr 59 months ago | reply

      how wonderful to finally see you and your setup in action! Is the 'steady-cam' webbing to your own design? Simply ingenious!

    4. fotoopa 59 months ago | reply

      @kumi kuhr "Is the 'steady-cam' webbing to your own design?"

      This design and realization is a teamwork between my wife and me.
      She maintain also my garden part. Selection of the flowers have we make together.

    5. kumi kuhr 59 months ago | reply

      please pass on my congratulations to your wife :)

    6. fotoopa 59 months ago | reply

      Thanks Kumi Kuhr,
      she is very pleased with this congratulations :)

    7. Dr Max 59 months ago | reply

      Fantastic to see it working at last. The results are stunning.

    8. kumi kuhr 59 months ago | reply

      fotoopa -- congatulations on being featured on Dark Roasted Blend =) (scroll down half way to see the two pictures of your rig)

    9. fotoopa 59 months ago | reply

      Thanks Kumi Kuhr for the info and the link!
      Now I see where the clicks come from the last few days on my Pbase.
      This is not the first time. Multiple links are around the webs.

    10. Ed_X 29 months ago | reply

      Impressive. If I were a bug and that came close, I wld not move. Heel mooi gedaan :-)

    11. controlservo 18 months ago | reply

      Greetings, you are very talented, congratulations, I believed inventor and return to reality to see their creativity and I think the people who are with you are to enjoy a wonderful human being as I think it is you, I send hugs from Mexico

    12. fotoopa 18 months ago | reply


      Every year there is a new version. Now I am working on the version for 2013. Especially high-speed and very closeup photography of flying insects ( even to less than 1mm ).

      For the results, see my Flickr home page.


    13. Pouya-P 15 months ago | reply

      This is sooo EPIC!

    14. shangyien 3 months ago | reply

      What an amazing feat - and all in your own backyard! I could sit for hours staring cross-eyed at your images on my computer.

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