Murder accomplices and concealers
A few thousand protesters took the street in front of the Government’s building in Macedonia, after the opposition in their ongoing uncovering of wiretapping conversations released audios on the cover up of the death of Martin Neshkovski.
People gathered in the afternoon hours in front of the Government, and quickly a large group went over the barricades and continued the protest immediately in front of the building. Citizens took down the flags in front of the building to half-mast, in grief for the life lost in 2011 and the situation today. People started throwing eggs, tomatoes and potatoes at the recently unveiled new plaster faux-baroque façade of the building, quickly turning parts of it yellow. Multicultural unity was seen, as people raised different national flags (Albanian, Macedonian, Serbian), holding, rising and even bounding them together.
Chanting: “No justice – no peace”, “Murderes”, “Resignation”, “You will not gate away with this” protesters stood in front of the building. People also chanted to the police officers securing the building: “Come with us”, “Put down your shields”, “Do you have any children?”. One policeman took down his equipment and left positions, which was greeted with applause and hugs by protesters.

Five hours in, special police units came to dissolve the crowds in front of the building. Some witnesses say that provocateurs in the crowd started fights with some policeman, in order to call for police action. Through formations, they cleared the streets. Citizens were sitting down and begging police to leave them be, but they were chased in violently, and had to stampede away. With the help of water cannons shadowing them and tear gas, the streets were cleared. Dozens of protesters and officers were injured. Police were seen beating people and detaining. Police teams patrolled streets until almost midnight dispersing the crowd, and it was reported that they entered a student library and questioned and harassed students who protests and who studies.
The revolted citizens announced to protest again the following day.

The initial cause was that the leaked audios confirmed speculation on the officials cover up of the murder of a young man at the city square by a police officer at 2011. The incident then created month long protests asking for resignation from the Minister of Interior, who is still in power.
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