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Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! - 25/365 | by foshydog
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Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! - 25/365

Tonight was our annual condo association meeting. Holy crap! What a waste. I can't believe that some people consider themselves adults and don't know how to act at a meeting. People would speak and just ramble on and on and on. Of course the monthly dues went up and that drove everyone nuts. We didn't go to the meeting last year because the year before was a waste like it was this year. The picture above is basically how I felt after leaving (early) the meeting. Me and my wife actually walked out when one lady just stood up and said she had had her arm up long enough to where she thought it was necessary to stand up and just start talking.


Now that I have gotten that out of my system, I got tagged by Omi yesterday which means I need to tell 8 random quirky facts about myself. Here I go:


1. When I fall asleep at night I do so on my belly, but when I take a nap on do so on my back. I don't know why it happens that way, but I don't have any complaints.


2. When I snap my fingers, I use my thumb and index finger. I think almost the entire population out there uses their thumb and middle finger, but for some reason I taught myself with a different finger. In the end, it works, and that's all that matters.


3. For grades 7-9 my bangs were about 1 inch past my chin. I was pretty into skateboarding and I decided that I needed the haircut to go along with it. I usually tucked them behind my ear and actually thought they caused my ear to curve out just a little bit more than the other.


4. I trim my eyebrows. I went to get my haircut at a "Salon" once and this guy just started trimming my eyebrows without even asking me. I almost flipped out in the chair because I had no clue what was going on. I remember going home to my apartment that night and telling my roommates about it. We just laughed and laughed about it. The funniest part is that I now do it to myself on my own.


5. I can spit really far. I think I learned how to do it from my grandfather. He didn't actually show me how to spit for distance but I picked up on how to pull up a nice big hocker from him. I added in the part of figuring out to make it fly real far.


6. I can watch "Saved By The Bell" reruns all the time. For all you folks across the pond, this is a really bad show that ran from 1989-1993.


7. I can still fit into a t-shirt from 1988. I got the shirt in the 8th grade and I have held onto it all these years. I probably need to take a picture of me in it for the 365 because my wife really wants me to get rid of it.


8. I can move my Adam's Apple from side to side pretty far. Some people think it's creepy, but I just think it's funny.


I took this shot with my DIY ringflash. This might the funnest thing I have ever made. The results you get from it are so neat and the thing cost me about $2- and 2 nights of work. I will have to take some new pics of it for my 365.


strobist info: flash through my DIY ringlight at 1/16 power. The lens was probably about 4 inches away from my face and the light was around it.


25 down and a bunch more to go. Good luck everyone. I plan on selecting my 8 victims tomorrow for the random quirky facts. Watch Out!


I need a shave bad.



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Taken on January 25, 2010