The Spectrum of User Experience: Preparing the next blog entry

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    The first article explaining it is here:

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    1. iA Inc. 113 months ago | reply

      Yes, this still needs a lot of explanation. Basically user experience is dynamic, this it needs a dynamic, not a static metaphor. Yes, we're trying to improve Garrett's static "Elements of User Experience". Tell us, if you have any ideas for notional improvements.

    2. cpalmieri 113 months ago | reply

      This series is pretty interesting, and of course pretty.

      There seems to be an implied timeline moving inwards, but stronger in some places than others.

      I'd love to see an actual project story mapped to this, with layers of tangible deliverables, participation of various contributors, etc.

      Even better, I'd like to see that for successful projects vs. unsuccessful. Maybe there are regions where projects break down more often.

    3. iA Inc. 113 months ago | reply

      Thanks Chris. You're absolutely right about the timeline. You can see that movement in the schematic UXD deliverables.

      We've done a couple of projects according to this model. The success of this inherently agile design approach mostly depends on how much influence we can take in the different fields.

      As you know, often the client doesn't deem the whole business process (back end and front end) to be an important part of user experience. It's a very tough part to sell. But just as most traditional brand agencies can't handle online branding, the business model of websites is often done in house or by business consultancies that don't understand the medium properly. Often we have to design around those shaky models.

      As for practical experience: We do all our jobs accordng to this model. Lately I even try to test look and feel at a very early stage. I published a couple of iA redesign sketches a couple of weeks ago to see how the reaction would be. People "liked" it, some said that they liked the previous simpler design we had years ago. So I let it rest ("like" is a bad sign). After a couple of weeks, trying to fix the new design I suddenly understood that those who pointed to the older designs were actually right. The iA site needs to become simpler! I tested another series yesterday and got the feedback that I was looking for.

      Our biggest project this year (a newspaper site, due in September) was pretty close to this. It worked pretty well, until the prototype got a) too complex (in the end we created 130 templates for the site), b) to detail focused. So we had to switch to creating HTML-templates instead and let the client handle the details. That worked out pretty well though.

      There is a lot more to say about this, but you'll have to wait for Monday. Weekend is family time...

    4. Meenhorst 113 months ago | reply

      This is a great set. I especially like the way you have 'onion skinned' UX and isolated the different levels of UX in these diagrams. I agree with Chris's comment about the timeline movement. Sometimes these will be too much for my clients to recognize.

      Apart from that, they're a real feast for my eyes. Can't wait for the blogpost.

    5. konnexus 113 months ago | reply

      just discovered these sketches. looks like you are on your way to finally visualize what you were talking about: the ux as a spectrum.

      after having a quick look i do not quite agree on the overall devision of ux. i would rather see business goals and user needs as two separate areas.

      but as you said - weekend is family time.
      looking forward to reading your thoughts about your spectrum.

    6. holistic measure [deleted] 113 months ago | reply

      really great schematic of user experience

    7. bickov 105 months ago | reply

      Beautiful infographic

    8. zoyth2000 100 months ago | reply

      Will this be available as a poster?

    9. altheg 78 months ago | reply

      Love this diagram! But where does content come in? Or the value the provided product or service offers to the user? I think this one of the most important UX factors.

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