Muriel Sibley Sketches & Watercolours
These sketches and watercolours are by Muriel Sibley who moved to Formby in 1949 and so loved the village she stayed until her death in 1993. Her 2000+ slides of old Formby and 800+ sketches were left to the Society in 1993.

The Society also acquired over 200 pages of her personal notes, which are a mixture of local folk law, fact and hearsay. They may sometimes be lacking in historical accuracy but nevertheless give us a fascinating glimpse of Formby Past. These are in the process of being added to the relevant images.

Please feel free to add your own comments/recollections.

These images were taken from laser prints of the original images using a digital camera. The laser prints were made many years ago and their colour quality at that time was very limited. It was decided that it was more important to aquire images of limited quality rather than spend long hours retrieving the original documents from our store. So please excuse the quality. Muriel died in October 1993 aged 80 and donated her slides and drawings to the Society.
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