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Solargraphy Experiment

This is my first experiment with solargraphy. Solargraphy is the recording of the sun on photographic paper with the use of a pinhole camera. The orange streak is the sun as it moved across the sky in my front yard.


The Hershey's Kisses pinhole camera was loaded with black and white photographic paper. I then set this camera in my maple tree and left it there. This is a two day exposure.


After the exposure is finished, you don't process the black and white paper, but simply scan the negative into the computer.


This website is full of useful information and ideas: www.solargraphy.com/.


This is just one of the cool topics covered in my pinhole workshops this weekend.




This image is featured in my new book titled The Pinhole Camera. Learn more about this how-to manual for aspiring pinhole artists at www.thepinholecamera.com.

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Uploaded on April 10, 2008