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Leopard Siblings

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Ngala Game Reserve, Kruger National Park, South Africa.


Here is the second in a series of leopard shots from my South African safari last week. We tracked these two leopards for two days before actually finding them. Coincidentally, while tracking them the day before, we found another leopard (which you can see in my previous post) and we got to witness it kill an Impala within 20 feet of us - an experience words cannot describe.


So the next day we stumbled across these two leopards a couple of miles away that happened to be the original two sets of tracks we were tracking. So the day before we get a kill (which is super rare) and this day we get two leopard siblings (male and female) who were still enjoying each others company (which is also rare). Leopards are mainly solitary animals so after a length of time they set off on their own. Our guide pointed out that it was rare to see siblings this old still tolerating each other. In fact they were quite affectionate as you can see above.


The Leopard is part of the "big five".


Thanks for reading. More to come!


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Taken on April 10, 2012