Typography on the iPad

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    Baskerville, Cochin, Palatino, Times New Roman, and Verdana. Of these, Palatino may be the only legitimate choice for reading a book on a screen.

    From iPad Typography on the FontFeed.

    1. GlennFleishman 49 months ago | reply

      I'm with you. I started studying type in the 1980s, trained as a graphic designer, worked with some of the world's best book designers as a typesetter/compositor, and...this is where it's come to.

      I mean, I love Cochin; who doesn't? But it is not a reasonable book face. The italic is illegible in anything more than a word or two in this fashion.

      Verdana? Yes, I love Matthew Carter, but not here.

      In the olden days in which Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and others competed for having legible typefaces and smart type decisions, Apple would have brought Carter or Slimbach or Stone or someone else inhouse for a 1-year stint to design the perfect face or faces for books. But now it's, hey, let's raid the catalog for licensed faces and pick a few at random that an intern likes.

      Even Palatino: Zapf wasn't designing for screen. And Times New Roman is intended for bad newsprint reproduction.

    2. Stewf 49 months ago | reply

      Glenn, I wish I could favorite a comment.

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