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    Oh yeah, a great picture to mark the epilogue of my photostream... at least for now! :D I know that Flickr won't show the oldest photos once I start posting more, so I'm also going to do a PRINT EXCHANGE / GIVEAWAY for you guys!!!

    So take the chance to look through all 200 photos hehehe, and then choose the ones you want? Show them in picture form so it's easier for me to allocate which ones you guys might like!

    Also indicate if you want a giveaway / exchange because I can do both! :D:D:D:D Since you know, I'm rich and all... NOT...

    BUT I really hope this will get some people commenting, but I doubt a lot of you will... I'm keeping this open until 28th August because that's when I get to see Ryan Cabrera live *squeals* I've decided to stop requests until the 8th September. :) So hurry if you wanna join!

    And yay, I love this awesome photo, it very aptly sums up my journey here so far... I feel like it's the end, but it's only just the beginning innit? :)

    Now what else did I forget... nothing! ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!!! :D

    PS: it's a digital photo. -.-

    OH!!! I know that Flickr may have changed its layout, which I find annoying, but I'm such a sucker for shortcuts, and their shortcuts have made life more fun. Just pressing 'F' to fave?! (*hint: press F key) HAHAHA. I LOVE SHORTCUTS!!!!

    EDIT: oh guys, I will be flickrmailing EVERYONE to confirm after my exams, so expect a mail after the 8th September? :p THANK YOU SO MUCH AND KEEP THEM COMING IN HAHAHAHA. <3

    We live in a teenage dream ~, vee *, and 17 other people added this photo to their favorites.

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    1. [ashley.renee] 55 months ago | reply

      i love this ^ picture!
      either way is cool with me. not sure if you'll like any of mine though.

    2. ▲foldedmemos 55 months ago | reply

      what are you saying! of course i would love to do an exchange with you!!! :o i've got at least 10 pictures i want from you hahaahah <3

    3. [ashley.renee] 55 months ago | reply

      awesome just fmail me which one and i'll get it sent to you! im so excited now! lol

    4. dudu ▲ 55 months ago | reply

      the perfect one <3

    5. ▲foldedmemos 55 months ago | reply

      haha, thank youuu!

    6. ♫ Sherica 55 months ago | reply

      giveaway/exchange for this photo:

      lonesome days and sleepless nights


    7. ofelia raye 55 months ago | reply

      i'd love to do an exchange. this picture is my favorite.

      just this one, still! (:

    8. ▲foldedmemos 55 months ago | reply

      i would deffo love an exchange! :D

    9. ▲foldedmemos 55 months ago | reply

      which? hahaha, this one? or...? because i am in love with your display picture ahahah.

    10. ▲foldedmemos 55 months ago | reply

      exchange exchange hahaha interesting choices there though!!! :D

    11. heyitsstef 55 months ago | reply

      oooh i'd love the enter your giveaway, sadly i can't do an exchange :(
      but here's my choices:

      or this


    12. ▲foldedmemos 55 months ago | reply

      haha, of course! ;)

    13. {weeni} 55 months ago | reply


      I love both but I'd prefer the upper one if I win :)

    14. kaitlin ryan♥ 55 months ago | reply

      Ouuuuuu, I'd love to enter the giveaway ! :)

      Love that one !

    15. Miss Sydney Marie 55 months ago | reply

      but we could do an exchange if i don't win.

    16. ▲foldedmemos 54 months ago | reply

      The print giveaway/exchange is officially closed. Will update everyone soon! :o

    17. 54 months ago | reply

      hey hey... would like #1 of this one
      and so concludes my film journey;

      and if you are up for more than one exchange... here are some other ones... feel free to choose more from my stream... just drop me a flickr mail... =D

      holding the "sun" in my hands;

      and this

      seeing paper stars;

    18. mluize 51 months ago | reply

      is it potter?

    19. ▲foldedmemos 51 months ago | reply

      haha i don't think it is. :s

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