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Church of the Apparition of the Holy Mother of God - Interior

Church of the Apparition of the Holy Mother of God (Znamenskaya), Церковь знамения Божьей Матери (Знаменская), is a Russian Orthodox Church on the right bank of the river Neris, Vilnius, Lithuania, in a area called Zverynas. In the end of the last century there where on bridge to connect Zverynas, then called Alexandria, with the rest of Vilnius and the large population of Russian Orthodox faith living here where in urgent need of a church. The three altar church was built in 1903 with yellow bricks in the Byzantine style. This style of architecture appeared in Russia at the same time as Christianity was adopted there and has the same origin as Christianity itself (Byzantine Greek). Byzantine architecture was later forgotten but at the turn of 19 to 20 century the Byzantine style once again become popular. Byzantine architecture is characterized by monumentality, many domes and special decor. Church consecrated archbishop Yuvenaly (Ювеналий) from Kursk, Russia. From Kursk he brought the main Icon of Kursk, the Holy Mother of God (Знамение Божией Матери), which gave the church its name. Biside the main-altar dedicated to the Icon of the Holy Mother of God, there are two side-altars dedicated to John the Baptist (Иоанна Крестителя) and Saint Evdokiya (преподобномученицы Евдокии). Since the consecration the Znamenskaya Church has been open for worship without interruption by neither the world wars, nor in the Soviet period.

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