Fogie's Perler Bead Video Game Sprites
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These are perler bead crafts I've made over the past couple of years. I am not in the business of selling these.

Beads were arranged on special interlocking 29x29-bead square pegboards, using nearly every color available from Perler (the big buckets don't include every shade), both of which are available through eBay resellers. The pieces range in size from 3" to nearly a square foot.

Source images for the sprites came from Google image searches, sprite collection websites and my personal screen captures.

All the emoticons came from the Something Awful forums, of which I've been a member for many years now.

Coasters were made by gluing 1/8" corkboard to the bottom of the piece using Tacky Glue and trimming the edges flush.

Fridge magnets were made with simple adhesive-backed magnetic tape.

I hope you enjoy my crafts, and perhaps you'll be inspired to try it out for yourself!
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