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Sakura Chan went to her new home | by fofurasfelinas
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Sakura Chan went to her new home

I was at work when my boyfriend called me:

"I need to talk to you... Three kittens were abandoned here at work...

A Mommy and two babies...

What should I do?"


My heart frozen... It was happening again...

More abandoned cats.


So I gave him some instructions, and he said the cats had found a place to hide there.

I was hoping somebody at his work would adopt them, but it didn't happen, each one had their reasons.


One of the kitties was Mohsen. He was so sweet the my boyfriend had any dificulty to rescue him.

A friend of mine hosted him until he found his home, as many of you already know.


So there was the white mommy and the white kitty... they were hiding on a place to hard to reach, wich was good because the were protected but was also bad because the rescue was impossible.


Someday mommy cat was gone.

I think she tought it was already time the her kitty would survive by herself.


Missing her mommy, the white kitty started to comumicate with people and let humans touch and grab her...


My boyfriend said: I know we already have too many cats, but i just can't leave her there.

Of course we would rescue her.


So he managed to bring her home, and here she was, white kitty Sakura, so full of personality, so full of life.


She was not intimidated by the other cats and soon conquered her place at our home.

And at our hearts too...

But we couldn't keep her since we were on our limit.


And today her new mommy came to take her to her new home.

I already miss her.


But I know she will be very happy...


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Uploaded on July 30, 2007