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Understanding Girl

This year Goku got sick, he had something in his eyes...


He was getting all my attentions, and Toji and Chihiro were also treating him the best they could.


Lua, however, got jealous with all attention he was receiving, and decided to ignore him.


But Lua'is Goku's love, his sister, from whom he was never apart. He was very upset about being rejected by her.


So I took her for a conversation, told her that she could not do that to him, that she needed to be supportive, he was in pain, and that's why everybody was treating him like this.


To my surprise, after meditating a little (she always takes her time when we talk) she got close to him and started to clean his eyes... I couldn't just believe in what was happening, and here is the picture of this story for you!

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Uploaded on December 29, 2005