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Meet the cat: GAIA

So we would keep just maya, just one. We were really decided to give the other babies to good houses.


Well, and so we did... Freya and Caju were more easy to let go, because they were so small... Of course I miss them a lot... Kuan Yin and Gaia were announced at the same time. Lots of people were interested in Gaia (I wanted to give then both to live together, because they were so close), and a few people in Kuan Yin.


BUT, for Kuan we found the perfect home: nets in the windows, good experience with cats, good food, another kitty living in the house to be her new brother... It was hard to let her go, but we did.


Gaia, however, had lots of offers, but most of the people wanted her as the only child, and it would be impossible, because Gaia was born among cats and loves feline company. The only person who would give a perfect home for her, just disappeared, stoped from answering my emails.


I call it destiny, although I don't belive in it. But I can say, Gaia was meant to stay. She is still very close with the cats, but she developed an very very tight bond with me. I can see in her eyes all her love, her sweetness, her contentment. Gaia loves to be stroked, and loves to pet me too, she licks my hands, bites me very gently, purrs a lot.


When I try to read a boon, she comes and sit over it, wanting all the attention. When I'm at the computer, she comes and goes in front of the keyboard, asking to be peted.


She is less talkative then Maya, but her voice is so feminine. She is less playful than Maya, she is more delicate, and smaller.


So this is our tenth - and last (but not least) cat.


Gaia, the sweet one, impossible not to love!

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Taken on April 21, 2007