Meet the cat: BLACK

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Black, BB, Baby Blackinha is a girl.
No more cats! we have promised to ourselves: 7 cats is totally over quota! we were going to stop in four...

So it happened...

Black is a cat I know since she was born, on december 2005. But she was very afraid of me and I never could reach her... She was one of the many many cats that were born on my street, of the cats I couldn't manage to capture to neuter (but I am solving this situation... it's very sad to see babies disappearing... and they were just unreacheble...)

Well, back to the story, Black knew who I was, but didn't allow me to get closer. One day the worse happened... I saw her in a distance I I felt she was hurt. I tried to give her some food but she dispapeared... And the other night she was there again, and it was dark and I didn't see her very well, but I noticed she was really hurt.

In the third night I saw her agian, and I noticed her eye was very big, so I decided to rescue her and take her to the hospital...

It was done next morning by a man that took care of her too, he took her to the vet clinic near my house. And there I went, and I'll never forget the scne, how ill she was, her eye out of the place, her side all burned, she looked like a monster, and her jaws was broken, and she needed to be opertated... So we found a clinic that would o that kind of operation, and they were fabulous, and she got great.

Well, who would want a one eyed black cat?? So, there is the story of our 8th cat.

She is very sweet, and in the beginning she got along with almos all the cats. She was preety clean for a stray cat, loved the pillows and soft places! I cried the first time I saw her playing with a cat toy! She could be named Phoenix!

Everything was fine till the Bo and Shun babies were born. Black was so maternal, cleaned then, had all the maternal instinct, and Lua got very jealous about me and the babies and tought Black was their momy. So she decided to redirect her aggression to Black, that start to live on a shelf under my bed.

I tought everything was going to solve by itsef, but it didn't and the situation got worse everyday. So I moved her to the bath room and she is getting better and less scared now!

She is very sweet, she pets me and she treats me like a cat, licking me, biting my hair, she's playful but yet scared! She still gets very well with Maya and Gaia!

I love my black pearl!

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  1. focus&compose [deleted] 68 months ago | reply

    i like how shes standing there, so still and majestic. its as if her face is telling a story.

  2. Matt Hamm 66 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The Black Cat - Le Chat Noir - El Gato Negro, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  3. JoiB 66 months ago | reply

    Lovely cat and heartwarming story. So glad you helped her.

  4. Elvis Pépin 66 months ago | reply

    Grreat pose!

    Come and share your photo with Zorro, as it is worth seeing!
    Masked & Black CATs; we'd love to have this grrreat photo added to the group!

  5. Elvis Pépin 65 months ago | reply

    Wow. I'm very happy you took the time to tell us your story...
    I really appreciate what you have done.
    Come and take a look at what I do in order to help out CATs around the World...
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. billy0807 64 months ago | reply

    beautiful cat and story :)

  7. -allofme- [deleted] 62 months ago | reply

    love the story

  8. Kim The Star Princess 62 months ago | reply

    She is gorgeous! And I'm so glad that you cared for her!

  9. seikosan 61 months ago | reply

    What an absolute sweetie! <3 <3 <3

  10. cateyes_777 60 months ago | reply

    Love the pose... and perfect name Black Pearl... glad she has a good home..... thank you :)

  11. maenad1021 60 months ago | reply

    Just beautiful!

  12. Krittergirl 59 months ago | reply

    How could you not love this cat. What a wonderful story.

  13. vagingo1897 58 months ago | reply

    Edgar Allan Poe wrote a short story called "The Black Cat" and it had a one-eyed black cat named Pluto in it.

  14. chatnoirr 56 months ago | reply

    you are so sweet :) and she is very beautiful

  15. furrcoatvg 55 months ago | reply

    So happy u took her and saved her life!

  16. MOONRACER 52 months ago | reply

    I love black cats and your story touched me. I wish you and her a long wonderful life!

  17. Caught [deleted] 51 months ago | reply

    your little balck treasure is very beautiful..i have a one-eye cat too and he's very loved and he's really funny! the live a good life the same and they are very smart even if they have one only eye...they are really magic!

  18. skrelnick23 49 months ago | reply

    I love the story. Thank you for saving Black's life.

  19. anthrospective 39 months ago | reply

    Such a sweet kitty. Please give her a kiss for me.

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