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Kitty rescue | by fofurasfelinas
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Kitty rescue

Guess what?


1. Narizinho: cat born on my street in 2004, daughter of Manchinha, I could never rescue her (she always ran out)

2. Wednesday: lots of rain in my city, Narizinho with a huge belly following me, I was late for work and had no hope to rescue her, so I went to work...

3. Thursday night: I am feeding the stray cats, she appears... thin! oh gosh where are her babies?

4. Oh, ok, there they are! Third time she gaves birth on a very easy place, but the other times she didn't let me get her, all the babies disappearing, my heart was bronken

5. But this time I have a different plan, I'll rescue her FIRST, I will hide the transportation cage and try to get her.

6. Oh, I have no wet food at home, let's see, maybe this smelly dry food?

7. Wow, it's a miracle, it worked, I managed to put her into the cage...

8. Now.. the kittens. There they are, on the other side of this tall fence... it is a commercial building and no one is here...

9.So I decided to ask for help, ask for a neighbor to help me with that...

10. I run, put Narizinho on my bathroom, get a box for the babies.

11. The man who was helping me sees the fence is too tall, so he jumps it, ok, where are the cats? he uses a light from the cel phone to locate them, put one, two, six in the box!

12. Narizinho and her children reunited on my bathroom, finaly!


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Uploaded on November 2, 2007