Bruised - again.

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    This massive bruise is almost a week old now. Those rascally sea lions beat me up again. This happened when I was helping to restrain a female sea lion during a vet exam.

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    1. Randy Son Of Robert 65 months ago | reply

      Yikes! Be careful out there.

    2. Wei 65 months ago | reply

      Ouch, that looks painful. How do they do that to you? A whack from their flippers? I used to get bad bruises all over my arms when ever I got hit with flippers from penguins (when I used to study them in case you're wondering). Good shot of the bruise as well, the lighting really helps get the colours out.

    3. foftychel 65 months ago | reply

      I'm sure dealing with penguins was tons of fun and presented its own unique set of challenges! I get these wrist/forearm bruises while holding flippers off the ground so that the sea lion cannot put its flippers down on the ground and use them to push up and out of our hold. Often, they'll pull the flipper forward, causing my wrist to grind into the boot heels of the person that is restraining the head of the animal. So, it's actually not caused directly by the animal hitting me or anything like that. I also get lots of bruises on my knees from kneeling on the ground and from the herding boards we use to move the animals around.

    4. Wei 64 months ago | reply

      They must be quite an animal to behold close up, are these mostly adult sea lions? I haven't had anything to do with seals close up like you. When I worked on Adelie penguins, there were often Weddell and Crabeater seals around. I vividly remember when a leopard seal got hold of a penguin near the colony, it was carnage. Seals are so beautiful, you're lucky to be working with them. Have you made a seal plush yet?

    5. foftychel 64 months ago | reply

      They are absolutely beautiful close up, and I feel privileged to get to see them and all the silly, wonderful things they do. We have a fair amount of adult sea lions and this summer we had lots of yearlings that were coming in with malnutrition.

      The young elephant seals will start coming in February or March, and we'll mostly be dealing with them. The place where I volunteer is really amazing:

      I have not made a plush yet, but I do plan to make one soon :)

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