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2015-07-20 Look who was on the deck yesterday!

I went out to turn the turkey on the grill last night, and caught a glimpse of movement on the deck up against the house. When I turned I was shocked to see one of the largest non-poisonous snakes I'd ever seen! Only seeing the top and a few triangles of orange on its side, I thought it might be an Indigo, which would have been extremely rare, but I had no idea what else it could be. I yelled for Jim to come out, but by the time he got out the snake had disappeared under the deck. As I was excitedly telling him about it I looked over the edge, just a foot down from where I was standing and there she went, right along the side. Jim ran over and saw immediately it was a Mud snake, and pulled her out. I kept saying "It's SO BEAUTIFUL!!" over and over - it was by far the most beautiful snake I'd ever seen.


I ran in and got my GH4 with a 105mm lens on it and shot some 4K video and took some stills. It appeared that it had recently shed but that her right eye still had the old skin covering it. I couldn't get over how calm and docile she was. I'm only guessing it was a "she," as they are usually in the swamp, and we think she may have come up to lay eggs. She was enormous!! If I was from "down under," I'm sure I would have been saying "What a BEAU-ee!!"


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Uploaded on July 21, 2015