Doritos Shoot
On Sunday, October 26, 2008 from 6pm- 2am we closed off Michigan Street to shoot a spot for the 2008 CRASH THE SUPER BOWL CONTEST.

Director: Sam Macon
Producer: Jonah Mueller
Producer: Timm Gable
Producer: Adam Loeb
Producer: Ryan Dembroski
AD: Ryan Dembroski
2nd AD: Timm Gable

Camera Dept
DP: Grant Cheney
Travis Auchair
Ben Krutzik
Dave Kiehl

Art Dept
Wardrobe: Annie Simeone
Wardrobe #2: Rob Schoonover
Cannons: Travis Huss

Sound: Sean Egan
Still Photographer: Faythe Levine
SWAT Consultant: Officer Kent Schoonover
PA's: Matt Batta, Ashley Donaldson, MAx Donahue, Jame Saleska

Officer's: Josh Shindell, Mike Golzer, Andy Silverman, Brent Gohde

Detectives: Pete Capp, Andy Menchal, James

Robbers: Jim Neumeyer, Bob Purvis, Nathan Lilley

SWAT: Ed Horzuski, Andrew Williamson

Thanks to the Swinging Door for being open and getting us drunk.
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