Dave after sunset. Flying home from a San Juan 'turn'

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    Flying home from San Juan. Great conversation. Smooth ride. Doesn't get any better than this. Just finished dinner.

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    1. fdesmet 62 months ago | reply

      If you're finished with your dinner, can I have your dessert? :-)

    2. Skyhawk4Life 62 months ago | reply

      Great shot! Can you walk in the back inflight just to walk?

    3. Fly For Fun 62 months ago | reply

      We stretch our legs a bit when going back for a lav break. But no one really walks the entire length of the cabin unless they need to check on something.

      Desert is all yours, fdesmet. Can I FedEx it to you? Wanna make sure it stays fresh, you know.

    4. Firstchoice767 62 months ago | reply

      Whatever Airline I'm on, I always love the cold puddings in them Square boxes :)

    5. dima767 62 months ago | reply

      Let me guess - you were the PF on that leg (hint: the right AP channel is in CMD) :-) Correct?

    6. Fly For Fun 62 months ago | reply

      Yep, Dima. That's true.

    7. thenewarea51 [deleted] 61 months ago | reply

      Looks like you got a buffet going on the left seat

    8. Fly, Flying, Flown 60 months ago | reply

      What are the 2 blue lights at the forward overhead panel indicating?

    9. Bruins Fan 56 months ago | reply

      I'm jealous...wish that was my office!

    10. realvision 46 months ago | reply

      Overview of cockpit and sunset over the window, the combination is fantastic !

    11. photo2c 43 months ago | reply

      With all the sitting you do, how do you keep from having Blood Clots?

    12. Fly For Fun 43 months ago | reply

      Tell me about it. I often wonder why we don't see more blood clots in pilots. I know of only one case.

    13. photo2c 43 months ago | reply

      Hey I Truly enjoyed looking at your Photo's. Listen I have another question when does a Co-Captain become Captain? hanks Eric

    14. Carl3321 36 months ago | reply

      Great photo! Aren't you afraid of spilling liquid from open cup or can? What if you hit a spot of turbulance you weren't expecting?

    15. Fly For Fun 36 months ago | reply

      We're pretty careful about having the liquids over the center console. I've spilled a few times, but always in my lap or on the seat. Maybe in the cup holder during turbulence.

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