• IRS. 3 gyros that spin to sense our position without any ground radios or GPS.
  • 3 different hydraulic systems, left, right and center
  • Emergency evacuation signal
  • Left HF radio
  • Right HF radio
  • Electrical system
  • Auxiliary Power Unit start
  • Cockpit voice recorder
  • Emergency exit lights and passenger oxygen mask manual deploy switch
  • Engine start selector switches
  • Fuel system controls. Left tank, Right tank and center tank. Read in thousands of pounds.
  • Anti-Ice switches, wing and engine.
  • Windshield wiper switch
  • Beacon, nav lights, wing inspection lights, strobe lights, landing lights, runway turnoff lights and taxi lights
  • When the flight attendants call us, or the pushback crew or even ATC using a system called SELCAL, the lights indicate who it's from.
  • No smoking signs and seatbelt signs switches.
  • Pressurization controls. Mostly automatic.
  • Equipment Cooling alternate switch
  • Cockpit lighting controls
  • Cockpit lighting controls
  • Cabin heating and cooling controls
  • Engine bleed air controls that provide air for pressurization, engine and wing anti-ice and engine starting.
  • Rudder 'yaw' dampers. Mostly automatic. Keep the airplane flying straight. Kind of.
  • Automatic engine limiter controls. Always left on unless they fail.
  • Magnetic 'whiskey' compass
  • Window Heat ON/OFF
  • APU Hourmeter
  • Passenger Audio Entertainment (Deactivated)
  • PA or Video player running

Detailed 757 cockpit overhead panel with notes

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Broken down into separate systems. Click on the picture and then hover over it to see the notes.

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  1. RuthannOC 75 months ago | reply

    I'll jump in here and answer part of that for you, fdesmet. SELCAL stands for Selective Calling. It's a two-tone alert sent by the controller that tells the pilot to tune into their HF equipment. HF is very noisy and the volume is generally turned down until a SELCAL comes through.

  2. Fly For Fun 75 months ago | reply

    Thanks Ruthann,

    It's like a doorbell that sounds when ATC needs to get a hold of you on the HF radio. We only use it on the Atlantic.

  3. Fly For Fun 75 months ago | reply

    We don't look at the IRS numbers very often, but the choices are:

    Present Position
    Track/Ground Speed (displayed)

  4. marta_h 75 months ago | reply

    Great idea to describe all these switches :)

  5. fdesmet 75 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the replies, Ruthann and Kent.

  6. sparky05 75 months ago | reply

    Where's the cigarette lighter? Seems like there should be an iPod dock somewhere too...

  7. jdawson359 74 months ago | reply

    Thanks Kent! This is brilliant!

  8. CatsFive 67 months ago | reply

    Damnit, you have notes turned off. There's a button on the lower right that you didn't explain, and I was going to square it off and put, "Eject button." That would surprise a lot of people, ya know. =)

    Oh. Ah-- cool. So SECAL is sort of a tap on the shoulder.

  9. deltafan311 67 months ago | reply

    yea I belive he left out the RAM air Turbine which i believe deploys as a back up to suply limited hydraulic support or something like that

  10. CatsFive 67 months ago | reply

    I thought that deployed automatically?

  11. Fly For Fun 67 months ago | reply

    It does, but it also has a manual switch.

  12. CatsFive 67 months ago | reply

    Oh! OK, I didn't know that. I'm no armchair pilot, so I hope you don't ever think I'm one of those commenters who'd try to show up an expert. Just sayin' just in case. I just remember that story about the Gimli Glider.

  13. Fly For Fun 67 months ago | reply

    Not at all. That's what this photo is for. Plus the questions help me get ready for recurrent training in two weeks.

  14. CatsFive 67 months ago | reply

    I know. Me, too. Sometimes I sleep with the hair dryer on just to practice for my next flight. =)

  15. gasparbaptista 65 months ago | reply

    Very detailed and clear picture and surely very informative for general knowledge purposes

  16. HAWK21M 64 months ago | reply

    Nice angle

  17. Blue387 58 months ago | reply

    But where are the buttons for wash, rinse and spin?

  18. B.I.L.NYC 48 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called A view looking UP!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  19. John. Romero 45 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Cockpits, Nose, Tail, Wing, Landing Gear and Cabin Photos, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  20. alexhorus 33 months ago | reply

    This is better than a book, thanks for posting.

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