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The album is inspired by William Eggleston, the "inventor of color photography" (John Szarkowski).

Eggleston himself has resisted readings of the content of his pictures.

"There is no particular reason to search for meaning."

The photographer wanted above all to create a purely visual event with the elements in his pictures, and as was written about Cézanne, "the object of mundane experience is taken as a visual phenomenon, the colors are not qualities of things, but rather parts of a pictorial logic". Accordingly, for Eggleston it is less a matter of a visual mirroring of the world in a documentary sense than creating an individual pictorial reality. [Sussman/Weski, William Eggleston, Democratic Camera, Photographs and Video, 1961-2008]

In 1989 the "Democratic Forest" became the first commercially published monograph on the by-then-legendary photographer since the appearance of "William Eggelson´s Guide" in 1976. The title of the book describes the photographer´s working method:

"I had this notion of what I called a democratic way of looking around: that nothing was more important or less important. [see above]

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Jemsimmo says:

Eggleston's a genius; nice set!
Posted 92 months ago. ( permalink )

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∆floyd says:

Genius? He´s god! THX!!
Posted 92 months ago. ( permalink )

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