Dotees! (mine)
These are the dotees I've created.

What are dotees you ask?
The are small altered art dolls. Originally created by Dot from "Dots Life and Art" (
They are usually no larger than 4-4.5 inches tall.
And their distinguishing features are...a hanger on top of the head, felt, face, and a tail. That is it!

These are the basic materials I use for making this little ladies.

- Felt for the faces (different shades)
- Embroidering floss
- Beads
- Ribbon
- Small embellishments
- Fibers and/or yarn
- Scissors
- Fabric scraps (5"x3" max)
- Stuffing
- Stuffing tool
- Small needles for embroidering
- Longish needles for embellishing

Note: From my experience, I've found that it is better to do the embellishing after the dolls are made and that’s the "why" for the longer needles.(Sometimes it is necessary to reach across the body).
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