Florida Commerce
The series contains publicity photographs, including prints, negatives, slides, and transparencies, produced by the Division of Tourism and its predecessor agencies, the Florida Development Commission and the Florida State Advertising Commission. The collection includes tens of thousands of images of Florida people, places, and events dating from the 1940s through 1996.

Over 30,000 images from the collection can be viewed by going to the Florida Photographic Collection page on Florida Memory.

Historical Note: The Division of Tourism was established as part of the Dept. of Commerce in 1972 (Ch. 72-205, Laws). It replaced the Department's Division of Commercial Development which was created in 1969 to assume the duties of the Florida Development Commission (Ch. 69-109, Laws). The Division of Tourism planned, produced, and distributed advertising, publicity, and promotional literature designed to encourage visitors to come to Florida. It also promoted the location of conventions and sporting events within the state, helped provide recreational campaigns, assisted chambers of commerce in promotional programs, and was responsible for maintaining Welcome Stations.

In 1996, when the Department of Commerce was abolished (Ch. 96-320), some of its tourism functions were transferred to the new Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development in the Governor's Office. Other functions were privatized under the new Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corp. which the law directed the Florida Commission on Tourism to create.
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