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M1 - NGC 1952 - The Crab Nebula SHO | by floppypaws
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M1 - NGC 1952 - The Crab Nebula SHO

M1 (Crab Nebula) HOS

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RGB version here:


This is a wonderful narrow band target, very strong and fairlly equal in Ha, Sii and Oiii. As I was processing this, I was thinking how simular this is to an Opal gemstone.

Next I will see if there is any Nii in this and then if there is, try to figure a way to blend that in.


Mount-Paramount ME

Camera - STL 6303 Astrodon 3nm Ha,7nm Oiii, 3nm Sii

OTA - Celestron C14HD @3899.4/F10.94

Plate solve:

RA 05h 34m 27s, Dec +22° 01' 27"

Pos Angle +187° 16', FL 3899.4 mm, 0.95"/Pixel


Exposure: All Bin2, Oct 30, Nov 1,2 2011

4 X 1 hour Ha(7nm) ( 4 hours)

4 X 1 hour Oiii(3nm) ( 4 hours)

4 X 1 hour Sii(3nm) ( 4 hours)

Total time 12 hours

Hubble pallet Si=Red Ha=Green, Oiii=Blue


Imaging and guiding thru Maxim DL, Guided thru MOAG 0.2 hrz

Process: Calibration/Assembly Maxim DL, post processing PixInsite/Photohop

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Taken on November 4, 2011