My Entire Transformers Collection
This is my personal Transformers collection. It started off with my original 1984+ Generation 1 figures.

Then the 2007 movie came out and my TF addiction began once more.

Series included:

-Generation 1 (G1)
-Transformers movie (2007)
-Classics / Universe / Generations / United / Combiner Wars
-War for Cybertron / Fall of Cybertron
-Transformers Animated
-Revenge of the Fallen
-Dark of the Moon
-WST / Smallest Transforming Transformers
-BotCon 2009-2015
-Transformers Prime
-Robot Heroes
-My own customized Transformers

There are other bits and pieces like a couple Alternators and other statues. Lots of other weird knick knacks too.

These toys were definitely played with and they show it. Lots of wear and tear.

Note the overwhelming amount of Autobots over the Decepticons.
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