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Autumn Love Song | by flipkeat
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Autumn Love Song

Birds are smart..I think they are smarter than we actually give them credit. I think this one even knows me. When I get out of my car to go to leave treats for Alvin I can right away hear the Blue Jay's call! Does he recognize me or what? He's figured out that he can steal some of Alvin's peanuts I leave if he's quick enough..At first I stood around to sort of scare him off..but now he's used to me and he comes anyway. Pretty soon Alvin won't be coming out so I hope the Blue Jay's stick around. ;) Funny but during the past winters I have seen fewer Blue Jays.....We shall see...


"The Blue Jay is a very noisy bird and that is something that many people enjoy hearing. They can also copy the sounds of Hawks and other types of birds as well. They are very curious and intelligent creatures. During the early winter months they start a migration period so that they can find food and shelter. They can migrate in large flocks of 250."


"What is very fascinating is that not all Blue Jays will go South for the winter. Some do one year but then choose not to the next. They are able to survive in cooler temperatures as long as they can find food. There is still plenty of research in place that is trying to determine why some of them migrate annually and others are sporadic about it."


Have a great day everyone!

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Taken on October 14, 2012